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Series created and inspired by the Thomas The Bachmann Engine and The Railway's Of Sodor movies by friends
Captain Punjab and Knuckles

Thomas Model Adventures started after watching a few films created by Knuckles (The Railways Of Sodor) and Captain Punjab (Thomas The Bachmann Engine), and like Captain Punjab, i created a mini test film, with sound effects to see what the models would be like on film, despite the fiming being a little crude and the plot being non-existent, people did however seem to like it.
It was here that i began to then write up scripts for the episodes, and also began to add voices and dialogue to the films, i started off with Thomas, Percy and James, and soon bought Gordon and Henry, along with models by Hornby, so it is hopefully, as the films come along, going to be a great success, and i really hope that you all enjoy them.
- Fearless Freddie


Episode 1:
Gordon And The U.F.O
Gordon complains when Bear get's to take a special express to the mainland, and refuses to pull any other trains, however, while trying to rest, he is then confronted by an alien  U.F.O. which begins to bring destruction to the people of the small town. He is however saved by none other than a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle!


Episode 2:
Percy and Thomas are worried after the Fat Controller get's nothing but bad luck, and after missing his train to the junction, gives chase after Percy in his faithful old saloon. But disaster strikes when travelling along a dangerous cliff road, he is forced to bail out before his car crashes over the edge after getting hit by falling boulders!


Episode 3:
Little Engines Can Do Big Things!
Thomas is sent to collect a few specials from the new bridge dock, where Cranky is based, but each time he calls Thomas a mean name, and this upsets Thomas. Thomas tells the others and they agree that something needs to be done to make Cranky shape up, but when he is toppled over by a storm, Thomas is sent to the rescue, with the help of Percy!

All Photos, Media and Layout Designs are all (c) Copyright by Dan Snell and members of the Thomugs, Jack and the Pack and M.R.F.F. communities and should not be distributed without prior permission!