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Thomas's Branch - OO Gauge
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A fictional Branch line of my own design, based on a GWR/BR era, the setting is unknown, but you might know what date it is based around ;)

Moorefield Green was created after visist to the local model club and many exhibitions from the Exe Model Rail Society to the Rail-Exe Taunton shows and even the Warley National Model Railway exhibition.
It's a fictional Branch line with a single track branch, double track engine sheds, double loop station and goods sidings, also with a five road fiddleyard to store some of the models that will be running on the layout when it's completed.
It's GWR and BR based, mainly with tank engines, rail cars and tender engines, but i am unsure of the date setting, but i am sure that you British Outline modellers might know what era date it's based around.

All Photos, Media and Layout Designs are all (c) Copyright by Dan Snell and members of the Thomugs, Jack and the Pack and M.R.F.F. communities and should not be distributed without prior permission!