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The Thomas Modeller

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The Thomas Modeller Forum

Here is how you can contact me if you wish to talk more about my layout and collections :) 

Visitors can contact me via e-mail at i am always happy to recieve your comments about the site and the model railway i have, if you have any queries about future updates and what to expect, i will be happy yo let you know as i have alot of new projects lined up for 2007!
You can also find me on MSN at times at the following adress:

Hi, I'm Dan, i am 19 years old and have been a collector os various Thomas and Friends merchandise for as long as i can remember since my early days as a wee toddler.
I collect books, model trains and videos that are both TTTE and Real Steam Railways related.
I decided to build this site as i feel that there are many TTTE modellers who would give anything to see something new and fresh in a model railway, i have had experience building layouts through the Exe Model Rail Society in Exeter for our upcoming exhibitions and have named the layout after Richard Parker, who sadly passed away this year.
The layout i have built and displayed on this site is a fictional railway that is not based in the UK, and of course, is home to my Thomas and Friends trans aswel as my British Outline ones, the site has come along quite nicely and i hope to add further pages for other peoples projects too, i am always happy to help in anyway i can, i have been thankful to the many who have visited the site.
Mind you i have had worse troubles with certain people from other so called 'Thomas Fan Forums' trying to pester and upset me as much as they can through brutally attacking me with Profanity in E-mails and deleting message boards that i have created for their own selfish pleasure and ignorace, trying to blacken my name with threats and whatnot!

If you wish to send me some feedback on the site, please feel free to e-mail me at, I'm happy to respond to most e-mails I receive and any worthwhile correspondance is always welcomed!
I am happy to also chat on MSN Messenger should you worry about anything on the site, but i shall immidiately close any messages sent that are offensive and profanity!

All Photos, Media and Layout Designs are all (c) Copyright by Dan Snell and members of the Thomugs, Jack and the Pack and M.R.F.F. communities and should not be distributed without prior permission!