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The Thomas Modeller

Passenger and Freight Stock
Thomas Steam, Diesel and Kitbashed Locos
British Outline Locomotives
Passenger and Freight Stock
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I have alot of passenger and freight stock for the layout!

Thomas And Friends Rollingstock:
Open Wagons
Blue Open Wagon
Red Open Wagon
Red Oxide Vent Vans
Grey Weathered Vent Vans
Brown Vans
Cream Tanker
Rasberry Syrup Tanker
Tar Tanker
Oil Tanker
Sodor Fuel Tanker
Old Slow Coach
S.C. Ruffey
Toad Breakvan
Sodor Mail Vans
Weathered Cream Utility Van
Annie Coach
Clarabel Coach
Troublesome Truck 1
Troublesome Truck 2
Breakdown Crane

British Outline/Pre-1948 Passenger Stock:
LNER Teak Composites
LNER Teak Brake coach
Intercity 125 coaches
SR buffet coach
Cattle Van
Esso Tankers
United Dairies Tankers
Mixed Private Owner Wagons
Vented Meat Vans
Kit Built Stuff:
Dapol 15t Diesel Hydraulic Crane
Coopercraft Open Wagons

All Photos, Media and Layout Designs are all (c) Copyright by Dan Snell and members of the Thomugs, Jack and the Pack and M.R.F.F. communities and should not be distributed without prior permission!